Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Andover, MN

Andover Trailer Repair & Welding Services

Do you need repair and welding services for your trailer in Andover?

Minnesota’s roads can be extremely harsh on trailers, especially if you’re driving over rough ground regularly. Damage can quickly mount up, leaving your trailer in Andover unusable and in need of repairs.

Professional Trailer Repairs & Inspections

At Crystal Welding, our mechanics have been repairing and inspecting trailers in Andover for more than 50 years. We can help you get your boat trailer or jet ski trailer ready for a weekend trip to the lake or get your commercial trailer ready for work. Our full range of trailer services includes:

  • DOT Inspections – We can conduct “tongue-to-taillight” DOT inspections to find hidden damage or faults on your enclosed trailer or open trailer. We can repair damaged components quickly to make sure that your trailer meets Federal and Minnesota Department of Transportation safety standards.
  • Modifications – Our mechanics can design and weld on modifications to make your trailer more user-friendly. Our modifications can benefit camping trailers, tent trailers and many others.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Our preventative maintenance services can ensure that your trailer is prepared for Minnesota’s unpredictable roads. This is especially important for livestock trailers, horse trailers and utility trailers.
  • Repairs – If your trailer has been damaged while driving, our welding team can repair it quickly to get you back on the road.

Dependable Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Andover

When your trailer takes damage, a team of professional welders can get it back in perfect shape. Contact Crystal Welding today for the finest trailer repair and welding services in the Andover area!