Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Champlin, MN

Champlin Trailer Repair & Welding Services

Are you looking for trailer repair and welding services in Champlin?

Whether you use a toy hauler or a utility trailer for your business in Champlin or a camping or tent trailer for family vacations, all kinds of trailers can get damaged by wear and tear. If this damage builds up, your trailer could be forced off the road, necessitating immediate repairs.

Trailer Repair & Welding Experts

For over 50 years, the mechanics at Crystal Welding have been repairing damaged trailers around Champlin. We provide a wide range of trailer repair and welding services such as:

  • DOT Inspections – Whether you use an enclosed trailer or an open trailer, it will be governed by both Federal and Minnesota Department of Transportation safety standards. Our “tongue-to-taillight” DOT inspections ensure that your trailer meets these expectations.
  • Modifications – If you need to modify your trailer to suit your work, our welders can design and install the perfect modification. We can modify anything from boat trailers and jet ski trailers to horse trailers and livestock trailers.
  • Preventative Maintenance – If you rely on your trailer to transport heavy equipment around Champlin, an unexpected problem could be disastrous. That’s why we offer preventative maintenance services to help you keep your trailer in peak condition.
  • Repairs – If we find a problem with your trailer during one of our DOT inspections, our professional mechanics can repair it quickly.

Champlin's Most Reliable Trailer Repair & Welding Team

If your trailer has been sidelined by unexpected damage, enlist help from the best welders in the business. Give Crystal Welding a call today for superior trailer repair and welding services in the Champlin area!