Trailer Repair & Welding in Coon Rapids, MN

Expert Trailer Repair & Welding Services

Do you need repair and welding services for your trailer in Coon Rapids?

Trailers are built to be durable but years of snow, ice and pot holes will gradually wear them down. Should you decide to have your trailer repaired in the Coon Rapids area, our welding company can perform every service you need.

Reliable Trailer Repair Company

For over 50 years, Crystal Welding has offered high-quality trailer repair and welding services in Coon Rapids. Whether you have a horse trailer, a concession trailer or any other kind of recreational or commercial trailer, our master welders can provide all repair and maintenance services.

The services we can perform on your trailer include:

  • Repairs – Has your trailer been damaged by poor road conditions? We can fully repair it or rebuild it to get it back in good working order.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Are you worried that your trailer is no longer safe to use? We can perform a thorough safety inspection to find and address any areas of concern.
  • Modifications – Do you want to modify your trailer? We can design and build any alterations or upgrades for you.
  • DOT Inspection Services – Do you want to make sure that your trailer is meeting the safety requirements of both the U.S. and Minnesota Department of Transportation? We can conduct a certified inspection to guarantee your trailer is meeting their standards.

The Twin Cities' Best Trailer Repairs

If your trailer needs repair or welding work, let the most experienced local welders restore it to excellent condition. Call Crystal Welding today for superior trailer repair and welding services in the Coon Rapids area!