Trailer Repair & Welding in Lake Minnetonka Area, MN

Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Lake Minnetonka Area, MN

Would you like trailer repair and welding services in the Lake Minnetonka Area?

If you want to enjoy the waters of Lake Minnetonka, your boat or jet ski trailer needs to be in good shape. Unfortunately, bumpy roads, rough ground and adverse weather can all damage your trailer. If you need trailer repair or welding services, bring in the professionals at Crystal Welding.

First-Class Trailer Repairs

The experts at Crystal Welding have been the premier trailer repair and rebuilding specialists in the Lake Minnetonka Area since 1968. Using our “tongue-to-taillight” safety inspections, we can quickly identify any issues with your trailer. We’ll then repair the damaged components or undertake a complete rebuild if necessary.

Our experts can also modify any trailer to suit your particular needs. We’ll design and install these modifications in-house to create your perfect trailer. We can also carry out certified DOT inspections to help make sure that your trailer meets both Federal and Minnesota Department of Transportation regulations.

We can inspect and repair most trailer types, including:

  • Boat & jet ski trailers
  • Camping & tent trailers
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Heavy equipment & utility trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Lawn trailers
  • Open trailers
  • Toy haulers

Lake Minnetonka's Leading Trailer Repair Experts

Don’t let a damaged trailer derail your lakeside vacation plans. If you need trailer repair and welding services in the Lake Minnetonka Area, call the experts at Crystal Welding today!