Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Maple Grove, MN

High Quality Trailer Repair & Welding Services

Does your trailer in Maple Grove require repair and welding services?

Whether you have a camping trailer or tent trailer for pleasure or a utility trailer for your business, unexpected mechanical mishaps can render your trailer unusable. Thankfully, the trailer repair and welding team at Crystal Welding can quickly get you back on the road in Maple Grove.

Professional Trailer Repairs

Crystal Welding has provided high-quality trailer repair and welding services to trailer owners in Maple Grove for more than 50 years. Our main services include:

  • DOT Inspections – If your trailer doesn’t meet Federal or Minnesota Department of Transportation safety standards, it could be banned from the road. Thankfully, our mechanics can conduct “tongue-to-taillight” DOT inspections for heavy equipment trailers, toy haulers and more.
  • Modifications – Our expert welders can modify any type of enclosed trailer or open trailer to suit your needs. Our top-notch modifications are all designed and fitted in-house.
  • Preventative Maintenance – There’s nothing worse than loading up your boating trailer or jet-ski trailer for a vacation and realizing that it’s damaged. Crystal Welding’s preventative maintenance services can help avoid these unforeseen problems.
  • Repair Services – Our dedicated welders can fix any mechanical issue with horse trailers, lawn trailers, livestock trailers and any other type of trailers.

The Best Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Maple Grove

Don’t let your business needs or vacation plans be inhibited by a faulty trailer. Contact Crystal Welding today for the finest trailer repair and welding services in the Maple Grove area!