Trailer Repair & Welding in Orono, MN

Trailer Repair & Welding Services in Orono, MN

Would you benefit from trailer repair and welding services in Orono?

Whether your business in Orono depends on an enclosed trailer or you plan to hit the road with your family every summer with a camping trailer, you know there’s a lot that goes into being able to tow with confidence. So whether you’re looking for a new hitch for your jet ski trailer or just want to make sure your company trailer is in tip-top shape for your next trip, we can help!

Trailer Repair & Custom Welding Services

For over 50 years, Crystal Welding, Inc. has dedicated its custom-built welding and trailer services to the hard-working people of Minnesota. Whether you need trailer repairs or the high-quality work of a professional welder for your project, our years of experience will help get it done fast. Our expert welders will keep your toy hauler or heavy equipment trailer in Orono running smoothly for the long road to come. Our reliable services include:

  • DOT Inspections – We will provide you with trailer inspections to make sure everything is in place for safety and government regulations. 
  • Part Replacements – If your trailer loses partial function, our mechanics will get you moving again with the replacement parts you need. 
  • Trailer Repairs – Whether it’s a roadside breakdown or a trailer that’s been sitting around on your property, we’ll get it repaired in no time. 
  • Trailer Maintenance – Our welders will service your trailer with regular maintenance so you’ll never be let down during a long road trip.

Professional Trailer Repairs in Orono

When you need a trusted professional welder to help you get back to towing like new, our team is the one to call. Connect with Crystal Welding today to get to work with the top-rated trailer repair and welding services in the Orono area!