Ice Castle Repair in Albertville, MN

Premium Repair Service For Your Fish House

Ice fishing is one of our most beloved winter traditions here in Minnesota but a weathered fish house can put a chill on the fun. Do you need to make sure your Ice Castle fish house is ship-shape before your next adventure onto the lake? Let the pros take a look. The experts at Crystal Welding have been offering our top-of-the-line repair and welding services to the Albertville area since we opened up shop in 1968. 

Whatever issue you’ve been having with your fish house, trust us, we can fix it! Whether your Ice Castle has breaks in its frame, axle pivots that have cracked or seized up, or a faulty crankshaft, our repair team can get your fish house ice-ready in no time. In addition to our repair services, we’re also happy to install any modifications you desire for your Ice Castle. Crystal Welding has the knowledge, the skill and the tools required to turn your Ice Castle into the ice fishing abode of your dreams.

Leading Experts in Ice Castle Repair and Welding

Ice fishing should be a relaxing adventure into the great outdoors, not a frustrating battle with damaged equipment that dampens the experience. For all your Ice Castle fish house repair and modification needs in the Albertville area, you can trust that the master welders here at Crystal Welding will work hard and work fast to get your ice fishing expedition back on track. 

Call us today so we can customize a repair plan just for you!