Ice Castle Repair in Coon Rapids, MN

Excellent Ice Castle Repair Service

Ice fishing might just be the most fun way that you can spend a cold winter day in Minnesota. Unfortunately, if your fish house isn’t up to snuff, that can put a freeze on your plans. If you want to ensure your Ice Castle fish house is in good working order before your next foray onto a frozen lake, call on the experts. The veteran welders at Crystal Welding have been providing the very best repair and welding service to the Coon Rapids area for more than fifty years. Rest assured, if it can be welded, we can weld it for you! 

Whether a damaged frame, a malfunctioning crankshaft or a seized axle pivot are inhibiting the performance of your Ice Castle, our repair specialists can get it back on the ice as quickly as possible. We can outfit your fish house with whatever modifications you’ve dreamt up, too! When the time comes to repair or upgrade your Ice Castle, you know that you can rely on the experienced, friendly and fast-working welders from Crystal Welding.

Fish House Repair and Welding Professionals

When you’re out for a day on the frozen lake, the only things in your hands should be a fishing rod and a drink. Let the welding pros hold the tools! Crystal Welding is here to satisfy all of the repair and welding needs for your Ice Castle fish house in the Coon Rapids area. 

Contact our staff today so that we can get to work on a repair plan for you!