Ice Castle Repair in Elk River, MN

Expert Repair Service For Your Ice Castle

A day of ice fishing should be a day of relaxation and bonding with family and friends, huddled together on a chilly winter day. However, if your fish house is losing its struggle against the elements, your hope for a blissful day can sink rapidly. To prepare your Ice Castle for this year’s winter outings, let the Crystal Welding team lend a hand. Our skilled welders have been hard at work in the Elk River area since 1968. 

Whether your Ice Castle is troubled by drafty cracks in its frame, a stiff axle pivot or a crankshaft that won’t crank, our repair experts can resolve the problem with professional efficiency. If you want to slap some new modifications on top of those repairs, our welders are up to the challenge! Crystal Welding has the aptitude and the diligence to make your fish house feel like a cozy little home away from home.

Minnesota's Best Repair and Welding For Fish Houses

Ice fishing is Minnesota’s favorite winter pastime so don’t let a beat-up fish house drown your fun. Crystal Welding is ready to show you why we’re the best repair and welding service in the Elk River area. Our tenacious team is ready to work our tailpipes off to make sure that your fishing plans don’t get put on ice. 

Reach out to us today and we’ll get to work on a repair plan built specially to accomodate you!