Ice Castle Repair in Blaine, MN

Expert Repair Service For Your Ice Castle

Do you require repair and welding services for your Ice Castle in Blaine? Let Crystal Welding help you out!

It’s no secret that Minnesota winters can be pretty miserable but ice fishing is one of the few things that makes the cold and the snow all worth it. If you’re planning an ice fishing trip in Blaine, you would be wise to make sure that your Ice Castle fish house is in good shape. Our welders can make sure that your Ice Castle is ready for the worst of winter weather.

Experienced Fish House Repair Service

Crystal Welding has conducted professional repair and welding services for fish houses in Blaine since 1968. If your fish house didn’t perform well during your last adventure onto a frozen lake, we can fix any problems you experienced. Our technicians can repair stiff axle pivots, damaged frames, busted crankshafts and any other issues with your Ice Castle. Our welding crew will make your fish house ice-ready in time for your next excursion!

In addition to repairing damaged fish houses, our technicians can also weld upgrades onto your Ice Castle. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and veteran experience, Crystal Welding will make your Ice Castle the best fish house on the lake in Blaine.

Blaine's Best Ice Castle Repairs & Welding

When you’re out for a day on the lake, you should be able to relax in your cozy fish house while you wait for your fishing rod to bend. Give Crystal Welding a call today for exemplary Ice Castle repair and welding services in the Blaine area!