Ice Castle Repair in Champlin, MN

Ice Castle Repair Services

Are you seeking repair and welding services for your Ice Castle in Champlin?

The key to having fun while ice fishing is a fish house that’s easy to get on and off the lake, and that provides you with warmth and comfort while you’re inside. If your Ice Castle fish house is having mechanical issues or letting in frigid drafts, it’s time for a repair. Allow our welders to take a look at your Ice Castle before you bring it back onto the ice in Champlin.

Expert Ice Castle Repair Crew

Crystal Welding has provided the most effective fish house repair and welding services in Champlin for 55 years. Whether your Ice Castle is struggling with a busted frame, a bad crankshaft, seized axles or any other mechanical difficulties, our welders will be able to sort out the problem and get it ice-ready again. After our welding crew has gone to work on your fish house, it’ll be the finest little cabin on wheels that you could ever hope to spend a day of ice fishing in!

If you want to add some upgrades to your Ice Castle on top of repairs, all you have to do is ask our experts. Our master welders can outfit your fish house with all kinds of modifications in preparation for your next journey onto the ice in Champlin.

Champlin's Greatest Fish House Repairs & Welding

Don’t let a battered old fish house ruin your ice fishing expedition. Get in contact with Crystal Welding today for first-rate Ice Castle repair and welding services in the Champlin area!