Ice Castle Repair in Lake Minnetonka, MN

Lake Minnetonka Ice Castle Repair Services

Do you need repair and welding services for your Ice Castle in the Lake Minnetonka area? Crystal Welding has you covered!

Ice fishing may as well be the official winter pastime of Minnesota, and Lake Minnetonka is one of the best spots in the state for ice fishing. Before you haul your Ice Castle fish house out onto the big lake, it’s important to make sure it’s in good condition so that your fun adventure doesn’t become a freezing nightmare. To ensure your Ice Castle can handle the elements, let our professionals take a look.

Professional Repair Service For Your Fish House

Since 1968, Crystal Welding has been providing high-quality repair and welding services to the Lake Minnetonka area. If something’s gone awry with your fish house, you can rely on us to fix it for you. Our welders can easily repair broken frames, seized axle pivots, malfunctioning crankshafts and any other faults with your Ice Castle. We’ll have you back on the ice in time for your next outing onto Lake Minnetonka!

Aside from our repair services, we can also weld all kinds of modifications onto your Ice Castle for you. With our advanced experience and equipment, Crystal Welding can mold your Ice Castle into the ultimate fish house.

The Top Ice Castle Repair and Welding in Lake Minnetonka

When ice fishing, you should be warm and relaxed in your Ice Castle, not chattering your teeth and shaking your fishing rod because you’re working with a damaged fish house. Call Crystal Welding today for professional Ice Castle repair and welding services in the Lake Minnetonka area!