360° Swivel Axle - Four-Wheelers

Swivel Axle for Hauling Four-Wheelers

Do you want a 360° swivel axle for hauling four-wheelers?

Hauling four-wheelers and other vehicles of similar size can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much experience doing so. One-wheel suspension trailers were once popular for hauling four-wheelers, but their design meant safety concerns like wobbling and swaying on the highway. With our 360° swivel axle, Crystal Welding Inc. has solved this problem without sacrificing ease of use.

Best Solution for Hauling Four-Wheelers

Crystal Welding is a reliable MN-local welding company and provider of world-class trailer products that make life easier. Our swivel axle can be attached and detached in the blink of an eye, and you can enjoy 360° maneuvering for your four-wheeler trailer behind fifth wheels, RVs, trucks, SUVs, and more. With a high-grade torsional axle, you can transport ATVs without any concerns.

We have designed and manufactured our US-patented 360° swivel axles to maximize safety for hauling four-wheelers and other vehicles. Built to last and operate without any swaying or wobbling, the 360° swivel axle will allow you to transport your four-wheelers to your destination and back home again, so you can navigate narrow driveways, gas stations, and more without getting slowed down or stuck by the side of the road. 

Professional-Grade Swivel Axles for Hauling Four-Wheelers 

Hauling four-wheelers can cause a lot of stress, but our swivel axles make it easy and worry-free, so you can ride your vehicle wherever you like. Contact Crystal Welding today to learn more about our unrivaled swivel axles for hauling four-wheelers in the Twin Cities area!