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Crystal Welding Inc.’s Swivel Axles

Crystal Welding Inc. offers swivel axles for hauling mopeds, motorcycles, golf carts, four-wheelers, scooters, dirt bikes, sportsbikes, toys, vehicles, and more! Reach out to us today!

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360 degree swivel, torsional rubber ride axle


When using 5:7×8” tires the top of the mounting plate is 24” with no load.

Swivel Axle load capacity 1,400 lbs.

The swivel hub is a 5,200 # standard axle hub 6 bolt on 5.5” bolt centers.

Highway axle uses standard 2000 # axle parts 5 bolt on 4.5” bolt centers.

Frame Mounting Plate

The frame mounting plate is used to mate the
swivel hub to the frame of the trailer.
The plate is laser cut from 3/8” plate steel.

Steel – .375″ thick x 11.75″ long x 11.75″ wide. Weight = 13 lbs.
Laser-cut to mate up to the swivel mounting hub. Welds or bolts to trailer frame.


Swivel Torsional Axle

Load Carrying Capacity1,400 lbs
Swivel Mounting HubStandard 5,200 # axle hub.
6 hole on 5.5″ bolt centers.
Highway AxleStandard 2,000 # axle, spindles and hubs.
5 hole on 4.5″ bolt centers.
SuspensionTorsional rubber ride. 1,400 lbs capacity.

Tires and rims

5:70  X 8” load range (D) on white painted rims with steel valve stem 5” on 4.5’ bolt centers. 1,074 lbs capacity at 100 lbs PSI. 18” diameter 5.5” width.  5 hole on 4.5” bolt center

About Joe and his Swivel Axles

In a two-car garage in 1968, my lifelong dream of owning my own business became a reality with the conception of Crystal Welding Inc. It’s still a family business. In 2002, my daughter, Michelle, purchased Crystal Welding Inc., located at 17601 113th Ave. N., Maple Grove, MN, 55369, and she became the CEO. I retired. Crystal Welding Inc., Through the years I gained the reputation of being the “Problem Solver.” (Find out for yourself and call Crystal Welding 763-428-8281.) However, one problem during my career that I just never seemed to have time to tackle was the inherent problem of “wobble” in one-wheeled trailer suspension systems. They just weren’t very stable. Due to the wobble problem, Crystal Welding and other national manufactures actually discontinued building and selling most products that depended on the one-wheeled suspension systems. I knew the answer was in the design. I believed that the wobble had to be stopped before it started. That was one of the things I learned over the years, working with swaying problems in the trailer business. Wobble or sway are hard to stop once they are started.

But Axles and More by Joe LLC’s patented design put equal pressure on either side of the towing pivot point, which does not allow wobble to start. And if a road condition tried to set the system into a wobble mode, my original design will not let it happen. We decided to make the system as versatile as possible by creating a 360-degree swivel that’s removable, which makes the base axle easy to mount in a non-swivel configuration, too. The other unique feature is the built in torsional rubber-ride suspension that is much smoother than spring suspensions. We were issued a patent on six claims under # US 7,832,745 B2. Now I don’t think I’ll try to retire again. I’m having too much fun.