360° Swivel Axle - Motorcycles

Swivel Axle for Hauling Motorcycles

Would you like a 360° swivel axle so you can haul your motorcycles more easily than ever?

Traditional one-wheeled suspension trailers were convenient in some ways for towing vehicles, but they often wobbled, which made them impractical. However, our company has solved the wobble problem with our patented swivel axles. If you are looking for a way to haul your motorcycles that takes up less space and offers steady maneuverability, you should consider a 360° swivel axle from Crystal Welding Inc. 

Five-Star Solution for Hauling Motorcycles 

Crystal Welding Inc. is a top-rated company based in Maple Grove, MN, with many years of experience in welding services and designing high-quality trailer products. We have developed our 360° swivel axles to prevent any wobble or sway so you can haul your motorcycles worry-free with all the benefits of a one-wheeled trailer suspension system. 

Crystal Welding Inc.’s 360° swivel axles offer more flexibility than ever before. You can utilize it with RVs, trucks, fifth wheels, and more. These axles are removable, simple to mount, and can be used without the swivel function if you prefer. The 360° swivel axle has a built-in torsional suspension that makes hauling motorcycles smoother than other suspensions. There’s no better motorcycle hauling equipment than our company’s swivel axles.

Swivel Axles to Unlock Your Towing Potential

Our swivel axles will allow you to tow motorcycles effortlessly so you can leave clunky, outdated trailer models in the rearview mirror. Call Crystal Welding Inc. today if you’re interested in the best swivel axles for hauling motorcycles in Minnesota!