360° Swivel Axle - Golf Carts

Swivel Axle for Hauling Golf Carts

Would you benefit from a 360° swivel axle for hauling golf carts without the hassle?

Hauling golf carts is a logistical challenge, and many complications can arise along the way. From navigating in tight spaces to traveling long distances and avoiding safety issues, there’s no shortage of things to worry about. However, Crystal Welding Inc. has developed the safest and most reliable solution for hauling golf carts: our 360° swivel axles!

Easily Haul Golf Carts Anywhere

Crystal Welding Inc. is a Minnesota-based industry leader when it comes to durable and dependable welding services and innovative trailer products that solve problems for our customers. If you want to haul golf carts or other vehicles or equipment with maximum efficiency and seamless maneuverability, you can rely on our 360° swivel axle. 

Crystal Welding’s 360° swivel axle can be mounted in no time for towing with any vehicle, including RVs, fifth wheels, and full-size trucks. The swivel axle can also be configured to operate without the swivel option, so you can use it however you like, with a more comfortable ride due to its built-in torsional rubber-ride suspension. Our swivel axles are removable and designed to operate without wobble or swaying as you easily transport golf carts any distance you need. 

First-Class Swivel Axles for Hauling Golf Carts 

We are ready to consult with you about swivel axles for towing golf carts and anything else you may need. Connect with Crystal Welding today if you’d like to purchase a top-notch swivel axle for hauling golf carts in the Twin Cities area!