360° Swivel Axle - Scooters

Swivel Axle for Hauling Scooters

Would you like a 360° swivel axle for hauling scooters?

Hauling scooters can oftentimes be an arduous task, especially if you are using a trailer that is clunky and difficult to maneuver. Outdated designs for one-wheel suspension trailers are unreliable and cause swaying as you tow your scooter down the road. Crystal Welding Inc. has solved that problem with our 360° swivel axle, the perfect solution for hauling scooters.

Best Solution for Hauling Scooters

Crystal Welding is a top-rated company based in Minnesota that has decades of industry experience. We have always been driven to find new solutions and better ways of hauling equipment. Our swivel axles can be easily installed and removed, and they allow for steady 360 movement with any vehicle you tow with, including fifth wheels, RV’s, and trucks.

Crystal Welding’s swivel axles are heavy-duty, and our patented design minimizes swaying and wobbling, so you can avoid any issues while transporting your scooter. The swivel axle can be locked in place if you would like to operate without the rotation, so you can use it however you like. You can get in and out of tight spaces, so no matter where life takes you, you can have all your wheels right there with you.

Swivel Axles for Easy Scooter Hauling

Our swivel axle will allow you to haul scooters like never before. Connect with Crystal Welding today if you’d like to purchase a swivel trailer axle for hauling scooters in the Twin Cities area!

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