360° Swivel Axle - Sportsbikes

Swivel Axle for Hauling Sportbikes

Do you need a 360° swivel axle for hauling sportbikes?

If you like hauling your sportbikes for weekend getaways and adventures, you need a reliable way to transport them. Sportbikes used to be towed with one-wheel suspension trailers, but these outdated trailers were unsafe as they would often sway and wobble, causing accidents and other issues. We have solved that problem with our highly capable 360° swivel axle.

Effective Way to Haul Sportbikes

Crystal Welding has always been in the business of solving hauling problems, and that’s exactly what we have done with our patented 360° swivel axle. It is designed to last in the long haul with safety and reliability while hauling sportbikes, and it’s also flexible in its functionality. The swivel axle can be locked so it functions without rotating, if that suits your preference. 

Our 360° swivel axle comes with a torsional rubber-ride suspension system, making it comfortable to tow with any vehicle, from trucks and SUVs to RVs and fifth wheels. The swivel axle is a breeze to install and remove, so once you get it set up, you can be down the road with your sportbikes in tow in the blink of an eye. Our innovative 360° swivel axle is the absolute best way to haul sportbikes, and we would like to talk with you about all the possibilities it creates.

High-Grade Swivel Axles for Hauling Sportbikes

If you want to haul sportbikes easier than ever, just let us know. Speak with Crystal Welding today if you’d like to purchase a top-notch swivel axle for hauling sportbikes in the Twin Cities area!