Sweeper Trailer – Low Profile Tilt Trailer

Whether you are in the need to haul your sweeper, scissors lift, or any other piece of equipment crystal welding has the trailer you been looking for. All of our trailers are handcrafted using only the finest quality parts and materials. Since they are built one at a time, they are customized to fit your exacted needs.

Easy On, Easy Off

Our one-of-a-kind hydraulic system allows for easy and safe loading and unloading. The entire trailer tilts to create a single plane loading ramp of only 7 degrees, preventing damage to your equipment. With our trailer, just one person can handle the entire loading process quickly  and easily. The valve controlled hydraulic hand pump utilized a specially designed weight balance system to control the trailer during equipment loading. This unigue feature projects your equipment from abrupt shifting or sudden jolts during loading.

Tailgate Design

The tailgate is design to be the strongest and lightest in the industry. The tailgate is constructed of high quality 6061T6 ventilated aluminum planking dovetailed together; this provides a superior product that is not seen in the competitors. Our industry exclusive tailgate provides a no gap design from tailgate to deck delivering a smooth transition.

Frame Design

Robust frame design is the foundation for our unmatched dependability. The frame is pacifically designed to minimize the bed height while still providing the strength you need for the long haul

Custom Solutions

Crystal Welding has the experience and history to provide you trailers that will fit you pacific needs. We are the leader in custom trailer manufacturing for hard to load equipment.